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Effective Back Pain Relief in Sacramento

Do you suffer from back pain? Have you suffered from an injury, accident, break or fracture? At Labrado Chiropractic, we offer top notch affordable chiropractic services for back pain and related injuries in Sacramento. Our licensed, professional, and friendly team of chiropractors are here to provide you with expert services tailored to your needs.

Many of the chiropractors on our team have become chiropractors due to having a positive, life changing experience after being treated by a chiropractor. We believe in providing the best service possible to the people of Sacramento while offering competitive prices. We believe everyone deserves to live a pain free enjoyable life.

Back Pain Relief Tips & Recommendations

At Labrado Chiropractic, your wellbeing and good health is our priority. That is why we always recommend for our clients to marry their chiropractic services with a healthy lifestyle. The following are some tips and recommendations that you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle.

Nourish Your Body with a Healthy Diet

We always recommend for our clients to eat the most nutrient dense foods possible. This will put you on the fast track to recovery sooner than eating a high sugar nutrient-void diet will. In our culture, the power of food is often underestimated when it comes to healing. Incorporating a variety of delicious, nutrient rich foods into your everyday diet will greatly improve your chances of recovery.

Regular Exercise

Exercise is crucial to reaching and maintaining a full recovery. It is important to work with a professional if you are getting over an injury. They will be able to monitor your progress and make sure you are not straining or accidentally injuring yourself. Exercise builds muscle as well as strengths and conditions the body. This is very helpful in building tissue and muscle, which support joints and bones. Yoga and stretching are two very gentle and beneficial exercises you may consider trying.

Get a Good Night’s Rest

Sleep is another often underestimated, but very crucial factor to recovery. Getting at least 6-8 hours of solid sleep will allow your body the time it needs to recover during the night. Your body’s cells and organs take the night hours to recover and rebuild. A consistent, regular sleep schedule on a firm, high quality mattress will facilitate that.

Maintain Good Posture

Having good posture greatly increases the production of back muscles and core muscles in the abdomen. These muscles support your spine and encourage a healthy back.


Meditation will aid in getting to know your body and stress reduction. During meditation, you can draw your attention to areas of pain and discomfort. This is helpful in healing because it helps you monitor your progress as well as dissolve emotional and mental blockages to healing.

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